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RLSS UK Safety Courses

Mark the Principal at Richmond Training Associates based in Warrington, Cheshire is a RLSS UK Lifesaving National Trainer Assessor (Member 30008582) he can direct various coaching courses and specialist modules, such as the Open Water Lifeguard (OWL) courses, National Rescue Award for Swimming Teachers and Coaches, and other water safety courses.

He is also an RLSS UK Pool Lifeguard Trainer Assessor and is often available for course assessments at Approved training Centres.

He directed the pool lifeguard training at Sir John Deane’s College for 10 years. The RLSS National Pool Lifeguard Qualifcation – NPLQ course is a very popular water safety training course.

RLSS ‘OWL’ Courses

Open Water Lifeguard – great if you run open water swimming or inflatable water parks.

It’s back again – open access RLSS UK OWL Courses at Leigh & Lowton Sailing Club, Green Lane, Warrington, Greater Manchester, WA3 1BQ. Situated on the edge of Warrington, Cheshire and close to the M6 junction at Haydock.

Your chance to qualify as an Open Water Lifeguard. You must be 16 years old or over and a confident swimmer. It maybe possible to camp at the site for a small fee. There is a Travelodge at Lowton approximately 1.5 miles away and a Premier Inn at Haydock a bit further on.

Course dates:

1st April to 3rd April 2024 (1st is a Bank Holiday) – cost £230

If the courses are not full I can probably accommodate some OWL renewal candidates too, or those logging hours for renewal.

Need an on-site course? Or do you need to gain some OWL training hours? Need an OWL Assessor? Get in touch with us today.

RLSS NWSMP 2.0 Courses

The modular RLSS UK Water Safety Management Programme course was developed by the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS).  It has been re-developed and re-purposed for 2023.

These water safety courses are designed to give leaders and facilitators who work with groups in, on or around water the skills to manage water safety, the awards are based on the DEFRA standards.

  • Water Safety Awareness  – 6 hrs.
  • Inland Waterways Module – 8 hrs.
  • Coastal Waterways Module – 7 hrs.
  • (Inland and Coastal Combined Module – 11 hrs)

The modules are made up of theory and practical training and assessment.  The modular NWSMP 2.0 programme is designed to respond to the water safety needs of anyone working near, in, or on water and especially those with supervisory responsibility.  The Water Safety Awareness is really good as it coveres hazards and risk assessment, useful feature if you plan to run your own open water sessions.

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Water Safety Gallery

Full Details of Our RLSS Water Safety Courses

This is the core and most recognised award for supervision of swimming pools.

In fact the society says there is shortage of lifeguards. More on the RLSS Website. I don’t have any open courses at present but my colleague and associate Conrad Horn may have.

UK lifeguard vacancies.

Developed a few years ago to match the growing revolution in open water swimming activities and Aqua Park Safety. The Open Water Lifeguard course is available as a one day RPL conversion for existing NPLQ holders. Or as a 3 day initial course for new entrants.  More on the requirement here: https://www.rlss.org.uk/open-water-lifeguard-qualifications

RLSS UK have developed Water Rescue Equipment Training to provide basic rescue skills to anyone working near water, along with any members of the public that would like to know what to do in an emergency.

The training is delivered over two hours and does not include entering the water, you will learn about the hazards and dangers of open water, how to use basic rescue techniques as well as rescue equipment that can be found around waterways across the UK.

Targeted at swim teachers to provide a structured poolside lifesaving award for such staff training also includes risk assessment, first aid and resuscitation.

This rescue test award is endorsed by the ASA and ISTC. and is recognised in “Managing Health & Safety in Swimming Pools – HSG 179” as being appropriate for those supervising programmed swimming activities i.e. swimming lessons / training.

Provides basic competence in Lifesaving & Life Support for any person engaged in the supervision of swimming for people with disabilities in a swimming pool. Award includes lifesaving skills, resuscitation and first aid.

Provides a programme in water rescue competence for staff working in a facility where there is a swimming pool but no direct pool side supervision. E.g. ideal for small hotel pools with restricted entry etc. and as suggested in “HSG 179” after a suitable risk assessment.

Provides a test of competence in accident prevention, water rescue and life support for those supervising others at recognised sites used for activities on, in or near water. Note this is not a recognised lifeguard qualification.

Provides a test of competence in accident prevention, water rescue and life support for employees etc. on or near open water sites. E.g. Park Wardens, Golf course staff etc. Note this is not a recognised lifeguard qualification.

Qualify to deliver RLSS’s Community Programmes such as Save a Baby’s/Child’s/Adult’s Life and AED use. You must be 16 years of age and ideally have some first aid experiencer and be happy to use presentation skills.

www.rlss.org.uk RLSS UK website.

www.rlssdirect.co.uk  RLSS UK Supplies.

www.liverpool-lifesavers.org.uk Liverpool & District Branch of Lifesavers.

Danny Wood Lifesaving Club – Salford Quays – Open Water.

Don’t Drink & Drown Campaign http://www.rlss.org.uk/about-us/campaigns/dont-drink-drown/ Open Water Safety Courses

https://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/books/hsg179.htm Management of Health and Safety in Swimming Pools – free download.